Ewart Park Phase

Sub-classification of the Bronze Age.

Named after Ewart Park, Northumberland. (Post Wilburton phase) dates from the ninth century BC and is characterized by the general use of lead-alloyed metal, a wider range of products, and a proliferation of hoards, mainly founders' hoards of scrap metal or 'ritual' deposits.

Horse and wheeled equipment is found. The importance of the spear appears to decline, except in the Broadway complex. There are many regional differences, but some tools and weapons are common to most traditions, such as the Ewart Park sword which has two or three holes (rarely slots) in the hilt.

Reproduction of a Ewart Park Sword

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See also http://www.btinternet.com/~ron.wilcox/onlinetexts/onlinetexts-chap9.htm for more detail.

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