George Ewart (Fictional)

George Ewart is a fictional character who appears in a series of short stories by William Le Queux that were first published in Cassell's Magazine in 1906. The following paragraphs are how he introduces himself at the start of A Move on the "Forty".

In Paris, in Rome, in Florence, in Berlin, in Vienna in fact, over half the face of Europe, from the Pyrenees to the Russian frontier I am now known as "The Count's Chauffeur".

An Englishman, as my name, George Ewart denotes, I am of cosmopolitan birth and education, my early youth being spent on the Continent, where my father was agent for a London firm. When I was fourteen, my father, having prospered, came to London, and established himself as an agent in Wood Street, City, representing a great firm of silk manufacturers in Lyons. At twenty I tried City life, but an office with a high stool, a dusty ledger, and sandwich lunches, had no attraction for me. I had always had a turn for mechanics, but was never allowed to adopt engineering as a profession, my father's one idea being that I should follow in his footsteps a delusive hope entertained by many a fond parent.


I have also seen a printed compilation of these stories (amongst others) in a volume entitled "The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes". I do not know whether this is still in print.

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