Ewarton, Saint Catherine, Jamaica

Lat. 18 11' N  Long. 77 05' W

In 1970, Ewarton was the sixth largest town in St. Catherine with a population of 4,247. Despite average annual growth rates of 8.9% per annum between 1970-1982, the population declined in the next intercensal period to 8,742, although retaining sixth position overall. The town has ten churches: Anglican, Roman Catholic (St. Catherine of Sienna), Methodist, Baptist, Church of Christ, Gospel Hall, King Chapel, 7th Day Adventist, Gospel Lighthouse and a Church of God of Prophecy. It has a Type II Health Centre, a public market, a post office, a police station and a fenced community centre built by Sports Development Foundation with a playfield. The town has four basic schools, two primary schools (Ewarton and Orangefield), and the Ewarton Comprehensive High School. There is no branch of the St. Catherine Parish Library, but the Bookmobile visits regularly.

The economy of the town is dominated by the colossus of the nearby ALCAN Bauxite-Alumina Plant, which provides substantial employment. There are two gas stations (Texaco and Shell) and three major supermarkets and a bakery. Banking may be done at the Post Office (Workers Bank) and at the branch of the St. Thomas-ye-Vale PC Bank, which is also an agent for the Western Union Remittance Service. Residents have water in their homes, which some supplement from private tanks. Houses are also supplied with electricity and telephones, and there is one public call box in the town.

The above information is from the local community website:

A quote from The British West Indian Philatelist of December 1949 states [...] History doth not record the origin of this name but considering the era in which it probably grew into existence, it is not unreasonable to hazard a desire to honour the G.O.M. of Victorian times: [...]

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