Ewart, Poweshiek County, Iowa, USA

Lat. 41 39' N  Long. 92 37' W

The town was established by three brothers; Robert, Matthew and Robinson, sons of Thomas Ewart. They only allowed settlers of Irish descent so the nearby town of Grinnell grew much larger. When the railroad came and passed through Grinnell rather than Ewart, the town became a footnote in the history of Powesheik County. Today the largest feature in the town is the cemetery.

The house pictured above was built by Robert and Matthew. Matthew never married and lived in the house with Robert & his family and, later, Robert's son and his family. The house was quite a show place in its day and even had a cork surface tennis court. It was built some years after the founding of the town.

Robert's son was my grandfather (writes Ned Ewart). My father was born and lived in the house until he went to college. Unfortunately the house burned while he was a student at Grinnell College.

Information supplied by Ned Ewart

In 1962 Mary Lou Ladely Iverson wrote a short history of the town which was published in a local newspaper. She is now updating this and would be pleased to hear from anyone who might be able to help. Contact Mary Lou at mailto:marylou@casamusica.com

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