Ewart Lily

Parentage ('Unique' x 'Dancing Colleen')
Raisers H: R.Prochaska, 1994 G (1997), N (1999) & I(1999):T.R.Martin & G.Brundrett REG: G.Brundrett, 1999.
Description Inside deep purplish pink (70C), with a pale purplish pink (62D) throat, outside much darker in bud with green tips; a few, small, vivid purple (80A) spots in the throat; nectaries deep pink; pollen orange-brown; stigma very light orange; not scented. Flowers 125mm wide, petals 80 x 40mm, not ruffled, tips slightly recurved. Leaves alternate, 122 x l8mm. Stems 1.45m, strong yellow-green (143C), with up to 38 flowers (including many well-formed secondaries) in a broadly pyramidal inflorescence. Named for the grower's assistant.)

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