Aranda Peter Ewart

The pinnacle of the art of hybridization might very well be the impeccable color, texture and form found in the Aranda orchid. A marriage of the Arachnis and Vanda genera, Aranda combines the best characteristics of both: fine blossom shape and color from Vanda, and fast growth from Arachnis. Aranda blossoms will last up to two weeks, or even longer, with proper care.

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Parentage: Arachnis hookeriana var.luteola X Vanda Kapoho

This free flowering hybrid bears sprays measuring 40 to 45 cm long with about 15 well-arranged flowers. Individual flowers are 6.5 cm across. The sepals and petals are dark empire yellow with streaks and spots of crimson lake, which intensify towards the tip; they are accompanied by an orchid-purple lip which has a white throat. This vigorous hybrid became a very popular cut flower because of its free-flowering nature.

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