Ewart Fuchsias

Alison Ewart. 1977 (G. Roe).

  • Flower: single
  • Tube: neyron rose
  • Sepals: similar, tipped green
  • Corolla: mauve, flushed pink, small flowers but very free
  • Growth: upright vigorous grower

Photograph of Ron Ewart fuchsia by the webmaster, taken in the webmistresses' garden 21 September 2003.

Ron Ewart. 1981 (Roe).

  • Raiser: Roe, 1981, Britain
  • Flower: single
  • Tube: white, short, thick
  • Sepals: white, short and wide, standing upright
  • Corolla: dark pink, short
  • Leaves: medium green
  • Growth: upright
  • Use: bedding and solitary plants

  • Thanks to Malcolm Ewart for his help with this page.
  • There are also Jane Ewart and Patricia Ewart varieties which I hope to display in the future.

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