Asteraceae Ewartia

In plain language, this covers several types of small daisies found in Australia and New Zealand. In more scientific language, they can be described as follows -

KINGDOM: Plantae
DIVISION: Magnoliophyta
CLASS: Magnoliopsida
ORDER: Asterales
FAMILY: Asteraceae
GENERA: Ewartia
SPECIES: ~ see individual entries below ~

Asteraceae ewartia argentifolia


Asteraceae ewartia catipes

Found in rock crevices on eastern slopes in Tasmania. Rusty brown colour, around 10cm long.

Asteraceae ewartia meridithiae


This species does not coalesce and become as tightly compact as some other cushion plants. It does, however, form small, loose mounds with silvery to rusty leaves and masses of tiny florets in small heads each surrounded by a row of white tipped bracts (phyllaries) c.f. everlasting daisies. (Alan Gray)

Asteraceae ewartia nubigena


Asteraceae ewartia planchonii


Asteraceae ewartia sinclairii

New Zealand...

Also known as Ewartiothamnus.

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